2023 Events

Annual Meeting    
Saturday, August 19 | 8:30 to 9:00 am – Breakfast | 9:00 to 10:30 am – Annual Meeting

8:30-9:00am      Breakfast, displays and door prizes!
9:00-10:00am    Annual Meeting 

Location: Georgetown Lutheran Church, 877 190th Ave, Balsam Lake, WI 54810

Join us! You will take home great information about our lake district. Come early to get your seat, enjoy breakfast and visit with friends. New lake members welcome!

Agenda (with flexibility)

Welcome and Introductions
Approval of Minutes of 2022 Annual Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Old Business

  1. Polk County Updates / 5 min
  2. Georgetown Updates / 5 min

Committee Reports

  1. Dam Management / 10 min
  2. Lake Management Plan (LMP): (Shoenik) / 10 min
  3. Healthy Lakes Program: (Lauritsen) / 5 min
  4. AIS / Clean Boats, Clean Waters: (Lauritsen) / 5 min
  5. APM Harvesting Report: (Maxwell) / 10 min

New Business
Annual Business

  1. Vote: Approval of 2024 Annual Budget: / 5 min
  2. Vote: Approval of 2024 Grants CBCW and Healthy Lakes / 5 min
  3. Vote: Commissioner Elections / 15 min
    3-year terms for Sam Weber and Peggy Lauritsen are expiring. They are not running again. Nominations must be submitted to a Board Memberby 5pm, August 17, 2023.

Proposed BLPRD 2024 Annual Budget: Vote to approve







Aug. 19, 2023   BLPRD Board Meeting to follow Annual Meeting
May 18, 2024    Spring Meeting, 8:30 am–10:00 am (3rd Saturday in May)
Aug. 17, 2024   Annual Meeting, 8:30 am–10:30 am (3rd Saturday in August)
July ??, 2024      July 4th boat parade, 4pm

Voting Details: Qualified voters are 18 years of age or older, either reside in the District or own property within. Ownership of more than one parcel within BLPR District does not entitle the owner to more than one vote. Trust properties may cast one vote via your official trust representative.

Regarding elections: As a lake district we are required to hold an annual meeting with election of commissioners. First, we are required to follow Chapter 33, Sec 33.30(5) that prohibits absentee ballots and proxy votes, ballots can be distributed only to qualified voters in attendance at the meeting, no ballots can be handed out once the voting starts; second, counting ballots is required immediately and the results announced during the meeting.

Annual Meeting Minutes from 2022  

Meeting Minutes from the 2022 Annual Meeting can be found here >>

New Board Members Needed – vote on August 19

Each year we have the opportunity to elect new Board Members for the District. This is your chance to give something back to the community around the lake that we all value. We can have a board with a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5. There are currently four members on the board. At the annual meeting on August 19 two terms are expiring for Sam Weber and Peggy Lauritsen. There will be three board positions available. Board positions are unpaid and each is a 3-year term of service. A few hours a month during 8 months of the year is all that is needed. Serving on the Board is a great way to help protect our lake, provide needed weed harvesting for recreation and get to know others on the lake. Is this your time to get involved?

Please consider nominating yourself or someone else by contacting a current board member at https://blakelake.org/contact/.

We are looking to fill these roles on the Board:

Chair (Officer)

  • Preside at the Annual meeting, all Special meetings, Board meetings and public hearings in such a way as to ensure that they are conducted legally and on time
  • Develop agenda for projects for coming year(s)
  • Set dates and agenda for Board meetings, (4-6 meetings annually) special meetings and the Annual meeting
  • Oversee that we meet State and Federal compliance for a Lake District
  • Select a Nomination Committee to present candidates to the annual meeting
  • Appoint replacement Board members to fill vacancies due to resignations
  • Select an audit committee and have an audit prepared for the Annual meeting.

Secretary (Officer)

  • Take minutes of Board meetings and annual meeting
  • Coordinate the availability and integrity of all public records of the District on the website
  • Maintain a file of the names/addresses/email addresses of the District electors
  • Coordinate meeting space for annual meeting
  • Attend 4-6 Board meetings annually
  • Mail written notice of meetings to members (2x year)
  • Give notice of District existence and annual meeting 1x/year to WDNR (email)
  • Post all meeting agenda and notices
  • Present and acquire approval of all meeting minutes at Board and General meetings
  • Monitor District Post Office Box and distribute contents to responsible Board Members


Healthy Lakes Conservation Projects Tour   
FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, starts Saturday, August 26 until Sunday, Sept. 3
This will be a self-guided tour around Blake Lake, from the water only

We are doing something different this year.  You are invited to do a “float by tour” of the Healthy Lakes conservation projects. Sites will identified by a sign on the shoreline near or in the project. The sign will read “HL” for Healthy Lakes. This tour format is “float by from the water” only. We will have signs up for one week so anyone on the lake can do a self-guided tour by boat anytime. Our District has completed 22 projects since 2016!! Thanks to all of you we completed 6 projects in 2021 and 16 projects in 2018. 
One of the highlights of this summer is a tour of the conservation projects members have been doing to improve water quality on our lake! Projects include shoreline restorations with native plantings, rain gardens, and water diversions. Learn more about the Healthy Lakes Program here at https://healthylakeswi.com/. 

DNR Grant Applications Due   
September 15 & November 15

Surface Water Grants

May 1 Establish eligibility for grant funding
September 15 Project pre-application due to DNRSurfaceWaterGrants@Wisconsin.gov
November 15 Final application deadline

More information can be found at https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/aid/surfacewater.html

Calendar questions? Email Peggy or call her at 612-940-2006.