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Annual State Convention Empowers Our Members, Strengthens Our District

Each year members from our district attend the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention (WLP), an annual, statewide convention in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Lakes Partnership consists of 3 core groups: 1) Wisconsin DNR (technical, financial, regulatory); 2) University of WI extension Lakes (educational materials) and 3) Wisconsin Lakes (advocates statewide for local lake people and lakes). The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership brings science, education, and citizens together to empower people to work together to care for our lakes. Yearly, six educational tracks include “Watersheds, Groundwater and Water Levels”, AIS, Ecology, “People Policy and Politics”, “Nutrients in our Lakes” and Public Health. Our district benefits through leadership training, connection to other state and county lake district leaders, best practices, access to free literature and education. Learn more about the convention here »


Wisconsin Lakes is the only statewide organization working exclusively to protect and enhance the quality of Wisconsin’s 15,000 inland lakes. The continued quality of tomorrow’s lakes depends on today’s decisions. Wisconsin Lakes works with lake groups, citizens, and the legislature to ensure that our lakes are protected and enjoyed for generations to come. Connect with Wisconsin Lakes.org »

Wisconsin Lakes envisions a future when lake visitors, recreational lake users, anglers, shoreline property owners, and local and state government agencies share:

A common lake ethic:

  • A mutual understanding of lake ecology and lake health
  • A set of common goals for lakes
  • And are working together to protect lakes

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Wisconsin Lakes’ FREE monthly electronic newsletter. In addition to important information about Wisconsin Lakes, the eLake contains up-to-date lake policy news, information of importance to lake groups and citizens alike, lakes news from around the state and announcements of lake events and other important happenings.

County resources

Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers (PCALR)

PCALR provides a forum for county lake and river groups to share information, ideas and resources for managing, protecting and restoring their lake, river or stream. The organization works in concert with Polk County Land and Water Resources Department to provide information and education to the public on rules, regulations and ways to help preserve the vitality of our waters.

State resources

The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network  (CLMN) Citizen Lake Monitoring Network

CLMN is a partnership of 1000+ citizen volunteers statewide and the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership. Volunteers are provided with the necessary equipment and training to conduct lake monitoring activities. Volunteers provide their time, expertise, energy, and a willingness to share information with their fellow lake residents or other lake users. The information gathered by these monitoring programs is used by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and university biologists and researchers, UW-Extension, and other interested individuals. Learn more>>

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Lakes

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Lakes, is a team of education professionals dedicated to preserving our Wisconsin legacy of lakes through education, communication and collaboration. They work with 766 lake organizations in Wisconsin and coordinate a number of programs and projects to assist those concerned with the future of our lakes. Learn more>>

Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institutelleaders

Enhancing Wisconsin’s lake resources through leadership, training, and civic engagement.
The role of the Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute is to enhance skills and broaden capabilities of people in our lake communities, champion effective and communicative collaboration, and foster responsive and useful networks that support lake citizens. Learn more >>